Urea liquid market analysis
In order to reduce the pollution caused by automobile exhaust to the atmospheric environment, China launched the national IV and national V emission standards in 2013. With the national IV car exit market, the popularity of national V vehicles, urea liquid this consumable has occupied the dominant position.
In Europe, the policy was introduced in 2006. European diesel engine exhaust treatment solution is called Adblue. In the United States, in 2010, with the implementation of EPA2010 standards, but also a comprehensive increase in the application of automotive urea liquid implementation efforts, in the United States, diesel engine exhaust treatment solution is called DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid). The main representatives are BlueDEF and so on. However, at home, the production of diesel engine exhaust treatment fluid is still a new industry. At present, the largest amount of foreign market in Europe, in 2006, the European urea sales network has formed, in 2010, its market demand has reached more than 30 million tons.
Domestic market demand: National 12th Five-Year plan requires 10% reduction of NOx emissions. 2011-2015 years, the state promulgated and implemented the fourth and fifth stages of vehicle fuel national standards, while heavy diesel vehicles using SCR technology out of stock, Adblue is the necessary supporting products.
China is the second largest car market in the world, of which about 23000000 are heavy trucks. Thus, the vehicle urea has a larger market scale. According to the relevant person in charge of the China Automobile Industry Association, the next few years, the car urea market will experience a process of development and expansion. The annual sales of heavy trucks are 700 thousand, and each heavy truck consumes 2 tons of urea per year, so the rising demand for urea for automobiles will be explosive. It is estimated that the consumption of vehicle urea liquid will reach 10 million ~ 15 million tons per year. Every year at least hundreds of billions of market cake, waiting for mining!
According to industry estimates, in order to make the diesel exhaust emissions to meet completely catalysis, IV and V standard, the vehicle consumption of urea for diesel consumption from 4% to 6%. Only in 2014, China's apparent consumption of diesel fuel is 2.2 tons, with a median of 5%, the annual demand of urea for vehicles is 11 million tons.
At present, the domestic market price of urea solution is 2500 yuan / ton, but the cost is only 500-1100 yuan / ton. The profits are very impressive, and the market continues to be strong and stable! National IV exit, the national V stage, so the necessary vehicle urea liquid sales will be blowout, next year sales or increased by nearly 10 times.
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At present, domestic urea prices hovering at 1900 yuan / ton, while the car market price of urea solution is 2500 yuan / ton. In contrast, the profitability of car urea is considerable. Therefore, the vehicle urea is considered as a good product that can not only control the motor vehicle exhaust, but also promote the transformation and upgrading of the nitrogenous fertilizer industry. As China's upgraded country four, country five standards adopt selective catalytic reduction technology, the necessary car urea sales will be blowout, next year sales or increased by nearly 10 times.
Market analysis of washing liquid for daily chemicals
Recalling the hottest topics in China's washing industry in recent years, that is, non liquid detergent, washing liquid in today's washing market can occupy a place, it must have its unique advantages. First of all, for consumers, laundry liquid is a new generation of safe and environmentally friendly products, easy to use. The main characteristics of the gas is: the product is neutral, mild nature, no irritation, washing will not leave any alkaline residue, will not lead to skin allergies and other symptoms, the fabric will not be damaged. Secondly, compared with the solid powder, washing liquid more easily dissolved in water, after washing clothes will not be solid residue to harden, at the same time, the washing liquid is easy to use, easy to quantify for bottles, a bottle of liquid laundry detergent can replace a variety of.
The manufacturer blue syndrome, equipment manufacturing and production process of washing liquid is simple, save energy in the production process, belonging to the energy-saving products: washing liquid with less equipment investment, production of washing powder as the need for large equipment, and no dust pollution, the production of more safety; and because the washing liquid is mainly water as the solvent or filler, low production cost.
We can conclude from the foreign direct selling enterprises momentum: China cosmetics, washing products market is in a period of rapid development, how to deal with these competitors to make light of travelling a thousand li enterprise Chinese! Follow up? Face to face resistance? Or dance with wolves, believe that our national blue label enterprises will find their own way of survival and development. The overall performance of the product from the structure of the synthetic detergent ratio will further improve, detergent functional effects tend to wash, easy to use, fabric, and maintenance of four aspects: individualized demand and pay more attention to environmental protection, energy saving, water-saving products R & D, concentrated and liquid synthetic agent will be the protagonist of the future market. Look at the technology has become the main driving force to promote the development of the detergent market competition means is still the mainstream direction of energy saving, water saving and high efficiency, mild, convenient use, safety and environmental protection, an important part in the marketing strategy of "culture" is increasingly strong taste. From the perspective of regional structure, the rural market has become another major battlefield for transnational corporations and local enterprises to compete.
Analysis of glass water laundry liquid market
Industry trends and market demand
With the rapid growth of automobile market in recent years, it is an inevitable trend for automobile to enter the family. At present, the automobile has developed into a kind of mass consumer goods. According to statistics, China's current private car ownership has exceeded ten million, for the automotive beauty, maintenance and services and other industries