Product application background:
The vehicle with air friction will generate static electricity, so that the tire easily adhesion of dust and other dirt; in the daily parking, sun exposure, dog urine and other acid, alkali and oil compound contact, not only seriously affect the appearance caused by tire metamorphism, deterioration and endanger traffic safety. Therefore, after cleaning the vehicle, spraying bright nursing products can not only meet the needs of consumers for automotive beauty, but also prevent tires from cracking, hardening and cracking and prolonging the service life of tyres.
The current car beauty market but there is no lack of such products, but generally poor quality, is emulsified silicone oil or wax products. Because the raw material and formula are not antistatic, it is easy to adsorb dust. Usually, the glossiness is acceptable within a few hours of finishing, but the time is a little longer, then the utility model is completely useless, and the tyre does not have the function of nursing. High level of technology, excellent quality products with drying, film forming, anti-static, antioxidant and other characteristics. Usually a coating can be achieved cleaning, polishing and maintenance of multiple functions, in the tire surface of the formation of bright protective film, gloss natural, non stick dirt, luster, keep the time dozens of ordinary products. Even when the stain is longer, it is easy to be flushed by water. Products contain UV, antioxidant components can significantly delay rubber aging, so that it maintains plasticity, help cope with adverse natural environment.
- product development mechanism:
According to the compatibility of dura mater and pia mater, the modified resin is used as film forming agent to improve the adhesion and form a durable layer of dura mater. The soft part of the system, with excellent antistatic properties of cationic surfactants, amino silicides as emulsifier and antistatic agent, plasticizer, anti friction agent, fumed silica composite with high melting point wax products such as soft light components, and then compounded emulsion proper formation of organic solvent and deionized water. When finishing, cleaning the role of parents have dissolved solvent and surfactant, solvent for eliminating the original dirt; rapid evaporation, film-forming agent and principal agent can rapid polymerization and the formation of hard bright film at room temperature, the formation of natural rubber luster; tire rubber and dural formed a dense structure can be isolated, or damage absorption oxygen, high temperature and ultraviolet light on the rubber, forming a protective layer of effective isolation.
- product type and function:
The current product model is B881.
Spraying evenly on the tire can effectively remove the dirt on the tire surface, restore the brightness of the rubber surface, and prevent the aging of rubber. Products with excellent anti-static, anti-oxidation, UV resistance, the formation of hard bright film, with strong adhesion, cleaning agent, repeated cleaning, dust free, easy to clean.
- usage:
After rinsing with water, shake it well and spray evenly to the surface of the tire. Wipe it with a little cloth.
- special instructions:
In addition to cleaning and polishing tires, it can also be used for cleaning and glazing of plastic, rubber and leather in the car.
Import formula technology transfer
1. What is a tire enhancer?
Tire enhancer, also known as tire wax. Tire wax is also called tire retreading agent or tire darkening agent. It is divided into two kinds: liquid and paste. Its main function is to restore the original appearance of new tires, prevent ultraviolet erosion, avoid rubber aging, cracking and fading, effectively prolong the service life of tires. Can completely remove the grease, dirt, and protect the tire, prevent tire hardening. After spraying, the tire can be restored to its original black, bright and clean, without soil.
2, performance: set cleaning, polishing and protecting the tire in one, can remove various stains, grease on the tire; unique special rubber lubricant, anti UV agent, can moisten the tire wall, and can maximally prevent aging, cracking and fading of tire surface, can be used for various motor vehicle tire side clean glazing, make tire surface by black light, such as reduction.
3, product usage:
Usage: shake well before use 1.; 2. dry and wet tires can be used; 3. tire distance of about 15cm, in order to make a way and spray; brush evenly, 4. stay dry (5-10 minutes); 5. in case of abnormal dirty tires can rinse with water.