Urea liquid is a special exhaust gas purifying reductant for diesel engine. It is a tasteless, non-toxic solution that is stored in a special storage container on a diesel vehicle. When the exhaust gas is discharged from the engine, it will go to the SCR catalytic converter with the exhaust gas, and then convert nitrogen oxides into harmless nitrogen and water, thereby greatly reducing the amount of exhaust emissions. Urea is generally known as Adblue or DEF in foreign countries, and diesel vehicles equipped with Adblue have a single container to store. At present, SCR (selective catalytic reduction technology) technology has become the standard technology of diesel engine country IV. Domestic engine manufacturers have begun to use Zhongke SCR technology to achieve environmental protection requirements.
First, investment analysis:
"Hundreds of thousands of projects to earn hundreds of thousands of years" project in Beijing, response to the call of policy, for environmental protection needs, after six months of unremitting efforts, and finally developed a vehicle urea solution. Carefully calculate the market for you. The most general exhaust is not compliance, generally small city, at least ten thousand to one hundred thousand large trucks, if you only serve the local 5% carts (5% of the market), that is to say, you only for the 500 cart service. A cart day burning 100L oil, 3000L oil burned a month (to give you a discount, may rest for ten days, so is 2000L), urea liquid according to the proportion of 5% of our oil added, that is to say a month a cart need to use 100L urea solution, here I am give you a discount, a month by 50L, with 25000L urea 500 cars a month, which is 25 tons a year, even if only a cart for 10 months. A year is 250 tons, according to our current urea liquid wholesale profit, 1500 yuan per ton profit calculation, 250 tons multiplied by 1500 yuan is equal to 375 thousand. Specific forms are as follows:
Two, the use of urea solution:
1. Vehicle urea solution is a colorless transparent water solution which is made of high purity urea and high pure water. It is a special product for exhaust gas treatment of Euro four and euro five diesel vehicles, using SCR Technology (selective catalytic reduction technology). The use of this product can effectively reduce the content of nitrogen oxides and particulates in tail gas emission, reduce the pollution of acid gas to air, and improve the quality of air.
2, purification principle: the product into the automotive exhaust system, through the decomposition of ammonia at high temperature, under the action of the catalyst, tail gas in the nitrogen oxides NOX and ammonia reaction to produce harmless nitrogen and water.
3, use method: This product can be directly added to vehicle urea tank, can also be added by filling machine. Fill it up to 80% of the urea tank.
4, consumption: diesel consumption is generally about 5%.
5. Storage conditions: room temperature
6, shelf life: 36 months
7, implementation standards: GB29518-2013, DIN70070:2005, IS022241-1:2006