Beijing Kemeili Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is a production car with urea, car antifreeze, car glass of water, wash, shampoo, tire brightener, omnipotent water, water machine series, professional units concentrated wiper and other automotive supplies equipment and precision equipment. The company is rooted in Beijing, the national service, facing the world, has a number of domestic and international high-quality energy-saving products by leading technology, many praise in the country, and exported to Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia and other more than 10 countries, the more than 10 city in China to set up a branch. The company focus on talent, domestic science and technology by the United States, South Korea expertise gathered a group of outstanding technical and management personnel, has accumulated 10 years of professional manufacturing experience, the introduction of a breakthrough improvement, so that the quality and grade of products in the industry.
Based on a team of senior experts and excellent engineers, they maintain close technical exchanges and cooperation with their counterparts around the world. Over the years, the company has made great achievements in technical breakthroughs. Relying on its core technology and market development capability, Zhongke has made full use of social resources to promote the development of its cause. The new era, seize new opportunities, expand your business, the best choice to build up the family fortunes. As one of the biggest auto consuming countries in the world, the shortage of automobile maintenance service, with the development of people's service consciousness, car protection has become an indispensable choice.
In twenty-first Century, the automobile service was well prepared for the future. In Kemeili automobile maintenance equipment, be born of the times, but in the market, and market test, have mastered the mature production technology, advanced manufacturing equipment, one-stop service, a full set of zero risk investment, let you worry about, quickly into the market, become the automotive service the industry become an independent school.