Company Introduction

Through system innovation, to become the industry standard custom

Beijing Kemeili environmental protection science and technology limited company in water treatment equipment research and production, Professor of environmental and engineering water experts, Dr. famous tutor, many technical guidance, have launched a series of high quality, new water features unique equipment, widely used in various industries, achieved social excellent benefits and brand effect, have been detected by authoritative testing certificate, Beijing City Bureau of quality and Technical Supervision Inspection Institute China, key products department in light of the promotion, is the water industry commission, China National Health Association healthy drinking water Specialized Committee and Film Industry Association member units for absorption of the private economy, and won the science and Technology Department of advanced technology Prize in 2016, attended the meeting in the Great Hall of the first World Water Day, China Drinking Water Forum conference.

The company is rooted in Beijing, covers an area of more than 3000 square meters, the national service, facing the world, has a number of domestic and international high-quality energy-saving technology, gathered a group of outstanding technical and management personnel, the use of the United States, South Korea manufacturing experience, the introduction of breakthrough improvement, the product quality and grade in the forefront, strive for customers to create more force tomorrow. According to statistics, China's current private car ownership has exceeded 30 million, and 70% of China's farmers' income is increasing year by year, in twenty-first Century, do a good job in automotive services and daily necessities sales, will do a good job in the future. In 2016, our company sold more than 500 sets of equipment per year. It is estimated that by January 1, 2018, the sales volume of our company can reach 1000 sets. According to the trend of the automobile industry and the demand of the National People's daily market, the project prospect of the company is immeasurable.

In the Department adhere to the established business at the same time, the establishment of Internet marketing, brand planning company: Beijing lansha Interactive Network Technology Co., Ltd., poured into the "Internet plus" business areas, to promote the research and development of the 4 industry wisdom factory.

Companies adhere to the "as the core value of the immediate benefits of betraying the future" concept, keeping the customer, market and rule of reverence; adhere to the "create value for society and the realization of self value" the mission of leading the development of the industry; we believe that the market will never come to a company without a dream, we provide more system perfect solution to customers for more enterprises, help them improve the strength of enterprises, reduce operating costs; to build and realize the struggle for human health cause great vision, and make its due contribution!


Optimize the allocation of resources, develop economies of scale, strengthen learning organizations, improve the resilience of enterprises, create new values and markets. Pioneering and innovative, efficient implementation of group strategy; forge ahead, to build the core competence of enterprises, to become the industry leader!
  • Realizing self value while continuing to create value for society
  • Strive for the creation of a great company of sustainable development


Enterprise architecture compliance in Kemeili global, customer oriented establishment principle, to provide customers the best solutions


Fight for creating a great company
  • Leading the development of the industry
  • Promote business progress

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